Infrastructure Services

The core of any business having any kind of technical processing is the IT Infrastructure. The manageability, availability, responsiveness and adequacy of this infrastructure affect the effective functioning of your business. IT infrastructure services offer the expertise and know how to suggest, design, implement and maintain such business crucial IT assets.

Frequently Faced Challenges

Frequently Faced Challenges Following are the main challenges faced by business organization while maintaining the IT Infrastructure.

  • Maintaining a robust infrastructure with the level of availability and response necessary for a business environment.
  • Accountability of heterogeneous vendor environments.
  • Managing disparate inter operating infrastructure environments within an organization.
  • Deploying zero downtime, simple, automated and standardized processes.
  • Improve service levels and increasing performance while reducing costs.
  • Scalable, consistent and efficient IT Infrastructure issue resolution.
  • Host & Maintain data center services costing millions per hour.
  • Long term affects of ill managed data centers.
  • Heterogeneous end user environments, resulting from ad hoc system deployments.
  • Ad hoc IT implementations that result in multiple, multi vendor database platforms.
  • Managing and utilizing business data spread over a complicated and multi vendor database.
  • Round the clock monitoring of critical IT assets.
  • Implementing & maintaining organization wide security, especially in handling data security tandards like PCI DSS, ISO:27001, etc.
  • Managing and utilizing business data spread over a complicated and multi vendor database.

Our Service Highlights

We deliver end to end infrastructure management solutions for your enterprise.

  • Gap & Opportunity analysis to help you identify issues relating to the IT Infrastructure in place.
  • Centralized Support Desk, Installation management and troubleshooting.
  • Implementing and managing high end application solutions.
  • Dedicated/Managed/Outsourced Datacenter management.
  • End user system management and maintenance with support desk.
  • Database optimization and solution integration.e
  • Custom application development and support, with support desk.
  • Remote System Monitoring.e
  • Critical Service Uptime monitoring.
  • Network Connectivity & Traffic Monitoring.
  • Intrusion Detection System implementation, maintenance & monitoring.
  • Security Compliance Support, Scanning Vendor management, Risk analysis and patching.
  • Organization wide Security Policy Implementation

Support Features

  • 24/7/365 Support.
  • Quick Response and a Short Resolution Period.
  • Dedicated support team for managing Windows Servers.
  • Phone, email and chat support, tailored plan options.
  • Phone, email and chat support.

Technical Support Desk

  • Ticket Management.
  • Remote Diagnostics.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Security Patches.
  • Server Maintenance and Security.
  • Server Monitoring.

Why associate with us?

  • Reactive Response.
  • Expert Solutions.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Customized Plans.

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