Why associate with Art?

“Six reasons that make Art unique”
When approaching ART for developing Software and Services, we are very conscious that you would expect certain values and benefits. We promise you the following obligations on our products and service.


Customer Centric Development Methodology

In order to achieve the critical goals of our clients we ensure maximum benefits in outsourcing and in terms of quality, cost and timeliness. We are very focused in adding value to your business. We are very transparent and customer focused in our development process. We have consultants onsite who will work very closely with you to actualize your company objectives, and to define a very best suited design strategy. Sequentially, the outsourcing of tasks to our offshore team will make you feel secure and comfortable.


Affordability in Price

We admit that cost will interfere in software development. We can assure that our prices and very competitive and the very best in the industry. You can benefit from operation cost savings when you outsource software development and services to ART, as it also ensures quality resources on demand.


Abundance of Experts

For actualizing and enforcing your desired projects we utilize top range procedures and techniques. Our highly skilled and experienced developers successfully ensure quality products and service. ART have access to a very high density of technology professionals with very low attrition rate since it is located at INFOPARK, COCHIN.


Convenient Location and Time Zone

We always work to ensure our clients preferences and time. We boast of very great employee availability. Our Development Centre is accessible from 04:30 to 19:30 (UK TIME) and 20:30 to 11:30 (Los Angeles Time). Our technical consultants and project managers are very adaptable to change and very willing available at client’s convenient times. Our onsite consultants will come and meet you and collect the requirements, if required.



The full project cycle will be managed by us. The entire business analysis to the very post launch maintenance will be assured by us. You will have the convenience of one company managing the entire technology aspects of your business. We will be committed and beside you to develop the technology solutions higher than your expectations.


Satisfied Clients

Our clients are our assets who made us travel this far and beyond. We never settle on the quality of our products and services which make us improve day by day. Our clients are the most happier when seeing our improved quality of model and development method and they refer a lot of new clients to us.

key competencies

Serving 500 satisfied clients across the globe and going beyond

At present we serve more than 500 clients across the globe. Majority of our reputed clients are from UK, USA, Australia and Canada. We are in the process of increasing our presence across the globe. We take great pride and delight to announce that around 70% of our clients were referred by our previous clients.

More than 20 years of experience in various domains

We always desire in reconciling with the emerging trends in the latest technology. We are very ardent in training, inspiring and motivating our employees to become the finest artists in the latest trends and technologies.

Wide Range of Services under one roof

The urgent requisite for a vendor, to supply end to end business solutions are the biggest hurdles, business face in the IT backdrop today. Art has perfected this magically by maneuvering different business systems enveloping the maximum areas possible.

Team Size

Employees’ experience and knowledge are extremely important competitive factors that made us this successful. Our strength currently consists of qualified employees with various certification and masters in technology and business. They include Web Application Developers, Software Developers, ERP Professionals, SEO Experts, QA Engineers, Network Support Professionals and Customer Service Executives. One dedicated squad would engage a specific client at all times and equip with the critical enhancement to its development and maintenance activities from auxiliary IT centers. Our project managers have direct onsite work experience. We keep a tank full of bench staffs to meet the urgent requirements of the project.

Financial Stability

Art have been successfully sustaining a steady growth since its inception in 1998. The following points are the symptoms of our financial stability:

  • Capacity

    Our Intense Support of 500 Customers across the Globe with a work force of over 80 and not to mention our IT business centre in the UK.

  • Status

    Our Location at Info Park which is a premier IT business park at Cochin, South India with State of the Art Infrastructure and huge backing from the Government of India.

  • Financial Records

    We are a Profit making organization with no debts.

Industry track Record

We are renowned in the IT Industry for our capacity to publish solutions with the latest technologies available. Our most recent projects include Silver Light, Cloud Based Development, RFID etc

  • We have delivered projects in Microsoft, Sun and Open Source Technologies for the past 7 years.
  • Art’s domain aptness dominant is in CRM, Finance, Retail and Education sector.

Our first priority is our relationship with you. Our heritage, commitment to excellence and service, has helped us in making 70% of our business from repetitive customers.

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