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Choose ART as your future because it can provide so much more. We offer a meaningful career that you can shape and believe in. A welcoming environment where you can always be yourself while feeling championed, heard, and supported. Every day, you will learn, collaborate, and grow. By connecting with others within our firm, you will become a part of an inspiring community, all working together to make a difference—for our clients, our people, and the larger world.

What makes life at ART unique and flourishing?

ART is the place to be if you have creativity, ideas, exuberance, and passion. We inspire our employees to pursue their dreams by encouraging them to give their all at work. ART is a certified Great Place to Work® company. Join us to stay abreast, work with exceptional people, explore new technologies, and network with industry leaders.

Life at Art

What our employees love most about our company:

Flexible work culture

Our adaptable workplace allows you to work where, when, and how you want. Working in a hybrid environment gives you and your teams greater flexibility and control over how you work across client sites, at the office, and at home. It is designed to give you the flexibility to make the best decisions for yourself, your teams, and your clients when deciding how to deliver your best work. We also ensure that hybrid working provides you with the same opportunities that we have always valued, such as the ability to grow, collaborate, and learn.

Team Outings

Apart from regular team outings following the successful completion of a project, we have full-day events at nice resorts every year.


Art provides an ideal work environment in order to maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Work Environment

We believe that the workplace should be as comfortable as, if not more so than, home. As a result, we've built an exceptional infrastructure for our team to work in.

Women At ART!

We encourage women on a career break to resume full-time work by offering flexible options in a variety of capacities. ART also provides the needed guidance and training for women who have taken a career break and want to resume their careers.

What our female employees say about us

We have Amazing Benefits:

Health Insurance

We care about your physical, emotional, and mental health. That is why we provide a variety of benefits in the hopes of keeping you happy and healthy while providing excellent coverage for you and your family. Our employees are protected by comprehensive health insurance plans.

Employee Referral Bonus

Through a fun bonus scheme, we encourage our employees to invite their friends to join our company.

Additional Work Allowance

Members who would sacrifice their free time to fulfil client commitments are adequately taken care of with these extra allowances.

Special Leaves

Our members can take advantage of special leaves in addition to the regular ones to attend significant life events like marriage, childbirth, etc.

Reward & Recognition

We enjoy recognising great achievements. In addition, we have a robust R&R programme.

Learning & development

We provide training and development opportunities to all of our staff. We give them opportunities to take part in both internal and external discussions, workshops, and career development events that are impactful for their professional development. The company bears the expense and helps the employees take certifications in latest technologies and platforms.


Our flexible workplace always gives a way to upgrade your insights, skills and talents using our virtual training, leader-led sessions, Quality workshops, and self-development programs. We provide opportunities to upskill yourself by continually learning and gelling with a motivated workforce.

We successfully run exceptional training and development program for our team of employees and provide opportunities to develop expertise and validate them with quality certifications. We organize in-house training sessions regularly for our team members to discover new technologies and innovations create environments for them to share their ideas around various processes and methodologies involved in complex software development.


If you are the one who likes to go beyond the challenge and wants to see the opportunity, then you are on the right place.

Explore wonderful opportunities:


Come along for an exciting ride with us.


Our new recruits tend to say " its more intense and fun working at Art " than their previous jobs.


Art Technology and Software helps customers to embrace digital future. Speak to our experts about your ideas pain points, we will work on it.

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