Outsourcing Services

Art provides Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to achieve a wide range of strategic goals. Art will help you to reduce process cost, increase productivity of your operations and administrative efficiencies and ensures quick turnaround time. We will help you to increase the value of your business both internally and externally. We provide high quality, time bound, cost effective IT outsourcing services to meet your business requirements.

Art's unique BPO Services/Expertises

  • Back Office Processing : Accounting, Finance, HR (Recruitment Services), Administrative Services.
  • Financial Services.
  • Insurance Claims processing.
  • Data Hub/ Data Warehousing/ Data Management.

Art's BPO Advantages

  • Cost Benefits: you can find our business rates to be very competitive and cheaper than in the industry. We also provide you a very high quality service to your clients at a cheaper rate among your competitors. The BPO model we offer at ART ensures you fewer capital investments. With ART you can increase your revenue and save costs in a range of 40 to 60 % because in addition, we support you in administration, customer management service and also help you to focus completely on Product development and Sales and Marketing activities.
  • Concentration of Core Business: Art's BPO services help you to concentrate more on core business rather than spending time for back office operations. This ensures you to spend more time on strategic activities and revenue generation methods to make you more powerful among competitors.
  • Availability of advanced technology and resources.
  • Ability to cater change in customer demand: Art's vast experience in BPO services and the availability of expert resources ensures us to manage the change in customer demand.
  • Flexible Resources.
  • Maximization of BPO revenue by addressing BPO contract terms: Art's BPO services will help you to improve process level efficiency and effectiveness in a reduced cost.
  • Increased internal and external customer satisfaction.
  • Tax Benefits: Most of the countries offer tax benefits on outsourcing operational tasks to other countries. Utilizing this advantage, you can save tax of business and operations.

Our Technology